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Fast, easy, and totally private! Get PrEP using your phone, tablet, or computer. Going to the doctor's office is no longer required.*

Get PrEP fast and easy at little-to-no cost. With our without insurance, you can get PrEP. PREVENTION 305 makes it happen fast and easy.

*Appointments can still be done in a medical office, if you prefer. However, limitations may apply and appointments may not be available immediately due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Due of the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis, PREVENTION 305 is now offering everything you need to get PrEP, all from the comfort of your own home*

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Worried about getting or staying during the COVID-19 crisis?

During the COVID-19 crisis, the Prevention 305 team is continuing to provide you with access to HIV prevention. Please follow the CDC guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19. Keep in touch with your friends and family using technology, and keep checking our social media about HIV prevention, good sexual health, and ways to keep yourself safe from COVID-19.

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"Since I am on PrEP, I know and I feel that I am way safer than when I was using just condoms. I feel that I have no limits to love or share my experiences with other person. Also, I take more care of my own health. Every three months I have doctor's appointment”.
"I started PrEP two years ago and it is one of the best decision ever. I feel peace because I know that I'm protected. It is so easy and practical, due that I just have to take one pill a day. The best part is that I did not have to modify my diet or my daily activities all because I am on PrEP”.
"Started Prep around November 2014. I would say I had some stomach ache the first two weeks. But after that, never had a side effect ever again. Being on Prep has been really worth it, as I feel a peace of mind that is priceless, knowing that I am protected against HIV and also having to get checked with my Dr. every three months".

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