Helping people to have access to PrEP

Every day more people have access to primary care. Every day there are more people with access to PrEP in the city of Miami. Your donation will help us increase the impact of HIV prevention strategies in the city of Miami & Broward. 

To date, we have done outreach in more than 40 ZIP codes and helped more than 600 people get access to health care.

Thank you

To further address concerns and potential violations, you can reach out to local officials. The local Department of Health Administrator for Miami-Dade is Dr. Yesenia Diaz Villalta, and the main number to reach the Administrator is 305-324-2400. The Administrator’s office email is The Equal Opportunity Director (Civil Rights) and Coordinator for the Americans with Disabilities Act is Dee Dee McGee. Her phone number is 850-245-4002 and her office can be reached by email at